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ETN – contacts and addresses

ETN Erdbaulaboratorium Tropp-Neff u. Partner
Königsberger Str. 9
35410 Hungen / Oberhessen
Tel.: 06402/5226-0
Fax: 06402/5226-98
E-Mail: info(at)






ETN owner project management, geotechnical expert  *1)

Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Heinze
* 1) eV 2.11 of the German Geotechnical Society after EASV expert for Geotechnology, recommendations of the Ak
(See draft geotechnik 1/2013, 36 Vol.)

Geotechnical project processing

Mr. Dipl.-Geol. Münter
Mr. Dipl.-Ing. Laun
Ms. Dipl.-Geol. Luh
Mr. Dipl.-Geol. Neff
Mr. B.Sc. Vey

Field / laboratory team

Mr. Rudolf
Soil tester
Mr. Staudegger
Device driver

CAD technology / office organization

Mr. Bicking
CAD Technician/EDV Admin
Ms. Achtziger
CAD Technician
Ms. Müller, Ms. Hainzl
Technical officials in charge